Ценовая политика

«How and how far can asset holders turn news into predictions about politics? How far do shifts in asset prices constrain political choices? Can politicians anticipate and deal with market-induced change? The answers in this innovative book come from careful, rigorous analysis of a wide range of exchange, bond, and stock markets, covering disparate political processes in many countries. The research is at the highest standard of empirical and theoretical analysis in political economy and political science today.» James E. Alt, Harvard University

«Though political economy has had a wide influence in many parts of economics, the study of asset markets has largely been an exception. This book fills that gap, with its insightful and wide-ranging analysis of the effect of politics on stock, bond, and foreign exchange markets. It will be an important and much-needed addition to the bookshelves of students of politics, political economy, and finance.» Allan Drazen, University of Maryland